In this Blog we made some masters from FIMO Clay. You can also use a brand shad. Hopwever we prefer making them fromn scratch...

Stap 1 Glue the Masters on a piece of aluminium foil

Stap 2 Use LEGO to make frame

Stap 3 Use fimo clay to glue the frame to the foil

Stap 4 Push it firmly together

Use a small spoon. Fingers are usually too thick, at least mine are:)

Stap 5 Mix Silicone with Hardener

The milliliters you need are calculated by multipliing the width x hight x depth of the frame. 

Stap 6 Pour in the Silicone and wait 24h

Stap 7 Alu foil is released

Stap 8 Lego frame is broken down 

Stap 9 Fimo Clay is removed with a knive

Step 10 Ready for action!

All details are in there! Let's pour some shads

The family:)

A couple of new born shads

First time testing, this 88cm ASP inhaled my shad. Wow:)

Interested in making your own molds and softbaits? Follow the link :


Oscar Wissink