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BKK Split Ring-51

BKK Split Ring-51 - Rock-solid Rings! Nice flat design without edges, so less chance of line damage. These rings also close optimally again after mounting. Available in 4 sizes, ranging from 32kg to 68kg pull strength.

Sales unit : 12 to 18 pieces per package (Pack)

TIP : #7 and #8 : fit perfectly with our 36mm XH-stainless steel screw eyes.

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BKK Split Ring-51
As low as €5.94

Specs :

  • #5 : 8mm (OD)/ 5.8mm (ID)
  • #6 : 9mm (OD)/ 6.4mm (ID)
  • #7 : 10.6mm (OD)/ 7.4mm (ID)
  • #8 : 12mm (OD)/ 8mm (ID)


OD = Outside diameter/ ID = Inside diameter


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