-1x Spinnerbait Head (42gr.) 
-2x RR Skirt (Black/ Black/Yellow
-1x BB Swivel with Splitrings #3
-1x Willowleaf #6 Chartreuse
-2x 6mm molded eyes
-1x Splitring #5
-Trailerhaak 261(4/0)/ 254(7/0) 
-2cm Latex Rubber Tubing 
-2x Trailer Beads
-2cm Krimpous 2.4mm


-Splitring Pliers, Roundnose Pliers, Combi Plier.


All Spinnerbait parts can be found here.

The complete Package can be purchased here.


Slide two skirts on


Slide on a piece of shrinktube, make a round bend, cut off excess wire and attach the Swivel.


Attach the Splitring, the Blade and slide the shrinktube over the bended wire. Now heat it shortly with a lighter until it crimps to half it's size.


Attach the Trailerhook 


Glue in the eyes, and your ready to go fishin'!