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Bouwpakket Spinnerbait 3.5gram (Value Pack)

Awesome Package for the Spinnerbait Builder. This Package comes with all Parts you need to make 5 spinner 9grams spinnerbaits.

Colors on the Photo are just an indication and may vary a bit. I f you need other colors (blades, skirts) please check our site and let us know :


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Bouwpakket Spinnerbait 3.5gram (Value Pack)

Package Contains:

-5x 3.5grams spinnerbait heads

-5x Skirts 12,5cm

-5x trailerhooks

-5x Ball Bearing Swivels #1

-10x Trailer Beads

-10x Lure eyes 4mm

-5x Spinner blades #2 /#3

-5x 5cm (2inch) Grubs


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