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Chatterblades Bent Pre Rigged | per 2

These slightly bent UV Active Chatterblades (See Picture) are Pre Rigged, ie already equipped with a split ring and a snap. This makes them very easy to mount on our chatterbait heads. Available in 2 versions and 3 colours.

The indicated size in mm is the length. The widths are resp. 16 and 21mm (widest point). The smallest version is very suitable for bass, the medium version comes into its own on chatterbaits for pike.

The video below shows you step by step how to make your own chatterbait. Split ring and snap are mounted separately in this. This is no longer necessary with the new Pre Rigged version.

Sales unit : 2 pack

NOTE : The Blades in the 1st photo are with the 'bent' down, making the 'bent' less visible. The 2nd photo gives a good impression.

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Chatterblades Bent Pre Rigged | per 2
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