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Click n Ballast Balls per 10

These 'Click 'n Ballast' Balls are often used in Crankbaits/ Jerkbaits. Firstly to add weight, secondly to add a deep 'click clack' sound to the rolling /zig-zag action of the bait.



Material : Nickel
Diameter : 9.5mm
Weight : 3.5gram
Sales unit : per 10


TIP Rattle chamber : Drill a 10mm hole in the belly of your crank/jerkbait, insert a 'Click n Ballast Ball' and finish the rattle chamber by gluing a 2 euro cent coin on both sides of the chamber. With a flrolling / zig-zag action you get a beautiful 'click - clack' sound.

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Click n Ballast Balls per 10
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