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Envirotex lite

Envirotex Lite - A bestseller in our shop for years. This 2 component epoxy gives the hardest and best protection to crankbaits and jerkbaits.

The best processing temperature is 20℃. The epoxy is fully cured after 48 hours at this temperature. Envirotex consists of 2 components. Example : The 118ml package contains 1 bottle of Hardener and 1 bottle of Resin of 59ml each.


1. Use disposable brushes such as the disposable brushes from our range.

2. Crystals in the Resin? Place the bottle of Resin in a bowl of warm water until the Crystals are gone. The envirotex will then be ready to use again.

3. Think about your safety. Protect your eyes and hands and wear a mask when working with this EPOXY.

Manual can be found here :



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Envirotex lite
As low as €28.94

This epoxy gives the best gloss finish to your plugs and jerkbaits.

The 4oz. version covers app. 1 square foot. Enough for app. 20x 15cm jerkbaits. Topquality product!!

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