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Flexonit KIT | Zander & Perch

Flexonit KIT | Zander & Perch - Make your own rigs for zander and perch with this KIT!

By clicking the 'Customize and add to cart' button (black background, white letters) and put together this custom kit and benefit from a nice discount. Perfect gift for a fishing buddy, or for yourself of course...


Scroll down for more info about this package and a video about how we make our (flexonit) Leaders.

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Flexonit KIT | Zander & Perch

As low as €16.82

With the option 'Essential Pack' you can choose from 5 different thicknesses of Flexonit. You can then expand this with hardware (= parts) to customize your leaders.

The 'Hardware Pack' contains 20x Leader Sleeves, 10x duo lock snaps, 10x Rolling Swivels and 50cm heat shrink tubing. Good for 10 leaders of about 35cm. There is a 10% discount on this Hardware compared to the normal site prices. In order to process flexonit properly, good wire cutters are required. That is why we offer the possibility to add it to the 'Tool Pack' option.

NB : Of course we supply Hardware that matches the Flexonit you have chosen with the 'Essential Pack'. To complete this package, we offer the possibility to purchase a suitable sleeve pliers with a 30% discount.


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Flexonit Leader Making KIT
Flexonit KIT | Zander & Perch

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