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Hollow Glass Beads (Filler) 250gram

These Hollow Glass Beads can be used as filler in PU or in Silicone. Adding it will result in a lighter endproduct while saving expensive Silicone/ PU.

Recommended use:
PU : Max 25% ==> for example: 80 grams PU A component + 80 grams PU B component + 40 grams hollow glass beads. RTV Silicone : Max 12% of the A component ==>for example: 100 grams silicone A + 5 grams of silicone B (Activator) + 12 grams of glass beads.

Adding Hollow Glass Beads will make the Endproduct lighter and easier to grind...
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Hollow Glass Beads (Filler)
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