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The formula for Softbaits for pike! Easy to process. Can be made extra hard by adding 10% Hardener.

Soft baits produced are floating.

Sales unit: 1, 5, 15 or 25 liters

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Huge advantages of this Formula: 1. Made in Europe. 2. It doesn't leave thick layer of Sediment in the bottle after a curtain period of shelf-time.

This Plastic is also milky white liquid and will be crystal clear after heating. With this product it's also very easy to make your own softbaits. It's only a matter of adding the right color heat it in a micro oven or an other heatsource and filling your mold. Scrap or torn softbaits, are easy to remelt into new baits. A topproduct! 1 liter will make app. 80-100 10 cm softbaits.

Dispite of the fact that our Product is very safe to work with, we'd like to advise you to only use it in a well ventilated area, wear safety gloves and safety glasses.


-Made in Europe

-No thick segmentation layer.

-No bad smell while heated.

-Contains Heat Stabilisator, which will, to a curtain degree, prevent the Product from Burning.

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