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LUPA RED RTV Mold Silicone (M-4470) 1kg

This LUPA RED RTV Silicone is highly filled and may be used to make molds for the casting of high temperature compounds such as tin and lead. Can withstand a temperature of 380°C.

Potlife is 40minutes. Demolding time is 4 hours both at 20°C. After demolding it is advised to to bake the mold in an oven for 2-3 hours at 150 ° C to remove trapped vapors. The end strenght is reached in about 3 days. 

NOTE : Add 2% B Component . B Component is included.


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LUPA RED RTV Mold Silicone (M-4470) 1kg
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1. Coat the mold (prior to casting the alloy into it) with a layer of talcum powder or graphite powder, this will improve the wetting of the alloy onto the mould surface. Make sure that the mold is heated prior to csating the alloy. Put the mould on a surface with a high thermal conductivity.

2. Shake the B-Component (Activator) well prior to use. 


More Info on how to make a 3D mold may be found here (in dutch):

In this Blog we use a jerkbait as a master, but of coarse that can be any (lead) object as well.  

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