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LUPA RTV MOLD Silicone Kit (Softbait Version) 1kg

Improved version of the LUPA RTV MOLD Silicone KIT. This 'Softbait version' is especially suitable for making molds for Softbaits. Has virtually no sediment layer and is very resistant to Plastisol. This version also releases a little oil (bleeding) which makes demolding easier. Optionally, add Glass Beads to save material (costs). Keep in mind that the tear resistance of the Silicone will then deteriorate. Demoulding time is 24 hours at 23 degrees Celsius. Final strength is reached after 3 days.

With this Silicone you can make beautiful softbait molds!

NOTE : Mixing ratio is by weight. Add 2% of the supplied 'B Component' for best results. You can Add 1.5% to 3%. At 3%, curing is faster.

Also check out the BLOG below.

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LUPA RTV MOLD Silicone (Softbait Version)

Want to make your own silicone softbait mold?

-Make a 'master' of, for example, model clay and stick it on the head with double-sided tape in a plastic container or a homemade container of Lego. You can of course also copy an existing shad for personal use.

- Stir the Silicone well before use.

-To avoid air bubbles, gently stir the Activator and the Silicone. Place in a flat bottomed cup and stir well.


Information about making a silicone mold can be found here:

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