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LUPA Shallow Rig Kit V2

This LUPA Shallow Rig Kit V2 contains all parts to make 3 top quality Shallow Rigs. Neatly packed in an assortment box. To top it all off, you can expand this kit with matching BKK UVO trebles. In short, if you want to get started with Shallow Rigs yourself, then this is THE kit for you.

KIT includes:

  • -3x Shallow Screws V2 65mm
    -1x Set of Shallow Leads (5,10,15 and 20grams)
    -25x Stainless Steel Split Rings #5
    -10x LUPA Stinger Spikes
    -15x Shallow Rig Swivel Chains, 3 of each 4 sizes plus 3x loose swivels
  • -3x Fastach Snaps
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LUPA Shallow Rig Kit V2
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