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LUPA Softbait Dip

Top Product to give your softbaits other color accents in seconds! Simply dip the tail or the head in the paint, wait a couple of seconds and your done. Available in 6 wonderfull colors.  Product comes in a handy resealable tin - and no longer in a fragile glass packaging. As a result, the Product has an almost unlimited lifespan!

Keep the Softbait Dip out of reach of children and use it a well ventilated area. Can be thinned with Aceton.

You can find tips and tricks below. 


UPDATE 21/10 : 3 new colors added : Gold, Silver and UV (Ultra Violet). This UV version can be applied on any other DIP color to give it's effect

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LUPA Softbait Dip
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Tips to optimize results: 

  • Wash the Softbaits before dipping. Use some water and a detergent. This will prevent the paint from coming off. 
  • Shake very well before use. 
  • Hold tail or head of the bait in the Dip for 5 sec. Remove slowely. 
  • Let dry for 5 minutes.  
  • Use a Swab or a brush to paint dots, eyes, stripes etc to your favourite softbait ! 


The second picture shows two baits. One has been given a bright orange tail and the other received some eyes. You see a lot is possible!



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