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Mann’s® Unpainted Lure Bodies

Mann's® Unpainted Lure Bodies - Excellent unpainted bodies to spray yourself. Diving depth, length, weight and recommended hardware are listed in the table below.

Length does not include diving lip. Weight is of the unpainted body.

Order 5 per type and save 10%

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Mann’s® Unpainted Lure Bodies
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LURE TYPE Length Weight Max Swim Depth Splitring Molded Eye Treble Eagle Claw 374
1. Deep Crank 67mm 14gram 4mtr  #2 6mm #4
2. Shallow Crank 67mm 14gram 1.5mtr #2 6mm #4
3. Spitting Popper 89mm 11gram Surface #2 4mm #4
4. Minnow 82mm 8gram 1.5mtr #2 4mm #6
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