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Hardbait Making Value Pack

The Ulitmate Package for the those who'd like to make their own Molds and Hardbaits!

Choose from 2 Packages (basic and full). The full contains everything for making molds for hardbaits and casting them.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Awesome Package to give away to a friend, or to yourselves of coarse! 



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Hardbait Making Value Pack
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This Hardbait Making Value Pack is available in 2 versions.


A. Basic Package

Dit Package contains::

-1x 1kg RTV Mold Silicone (DC 3481) 

-1x LUPA Release Agent 

-1x 1kg Plasticine

-5x 30ml Mixing Cups

-5x 350ml Mixing Cups

-5x Tongue Spatula

-5x Pair of Vinyl gloves

This basic Package is great to make 3D Molds to cast your own Hardbaits.


B. Full Package

This Package contains all materials to make the 3D molds and the materials to cast your own hardbaits

-1x 1kg LUPA Polyurethane (PU)

-1x 250gram glasparels


--> Check this blog if your new to making molds for hardbaits and casting them (in dutch)

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