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Pikecraft The Screw in Spinnerbait 2.0

Pikecraft The Screw in Spinnerbait 2.0 - Made of Black Nickel which ensures very high visibility under water. The black glossy finish of the willow leaf (57mm) refracts the light and imitates a prey fish on the run.

The screw system makes it quickly exchangeable and easy to mount on The System Screw, allowing the Shallow Rig to be converted into a beautiful spinnerbait. With separately available weights you can adjust the weight of the spinnerbait to the circumstances.

"Fish Flexible...Fish The System"

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Note: The 2nd photo shows an example of a ready-made Spinnerbait.

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Pikecraft The Screw in Spinnerbait 2.0


  1. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 1.4mm
    Willow Blade printed "Pikecraft"
    Ball Bearing Swivel
    Black Nickel Glossy Finish
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