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Pro Kit Perch & Zander 'Pouring Softbaits'

This Pro Kit let's you make the most wonderful Perch & Zander Softbaits! Tested and fully approved by us. You can choose between 3 different Packages.

~Colors for coloring are randomly picked by us. If you have specific wishes concerning these 3 Packages, please let us know at or in the comments section when you place your order.

All 3 options have a 10% discount on the total Price of the individual Products.

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Pro Kit Perch & Zander 'Pouring Softbaits'
As low as €71.15

This Pro Kit is available in 3 versions: 


A. Basic Package.  :

-1 liter Plastisol Soft

-1x 250ml Hardener

-3x 30grams bottles Coloring

-5x 20grams glitter small/ medium (5 in total)

-1x 20ml Mold Oil

-1x Set Measuring Spoons


B. Extended Package. Contains Package A plus:

-1x 250ml Pyrex Cup

-1x RTV Mold to make your own Zander/ Perch baits. NOTE : That could also be a different mold than in the photo

--> With this Package you can start Pouring immediatelly


C. Full Package. Contains Package A and B plus:

-1x RTV Mold Silicone Kit

-1x Fimo Clay 59 gram

--> With this Package you can start Pouring immediatelly and you can design your own baits as well with the Clay and the Silicone.




In the Video below you can see how we use Parts of this Package.


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