ULTRA LIGHT Streamer Pack (Dennis Horvath)

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ULTRA LIGHT Streamer Pack (Dennis Horvath)-1

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This ULTRA LIGHT Streamer pack has been put together by us in collaboration with Ultra Light 'Crack' Dennis Horvath.


The Basis of the Ultra Light Streamer package consists of:

-2x Magnum Rabbit Strips / 2x Finn Raccoon Zonkers and 1 spool of binding thread.

You can choose from natural colors (for example black, white, green ...) or bright colors (for example pink, red, orange ...). If you choose the bright colors, you will also get a matching bright color binding thread. Colors are carefully selected by us.

This basic package can be expanded with a Bobbin, Vise, Super Glue and Scissors. You can also expand this package with different Trebles.


In the video Dennis shows step by step how he makes his UL Streamers !