BKK BB Trigger 21 | Stinger Rig

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BKK BB Trigger 21 | Stinger Rig

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The BKK BB Trigger-21 is THE stinger rig for big soft baits and features a range of features that redefine the concept of a stinger rig :

- Rigid structure that adheres perfectly to the bait profile
- Pins covered with plastic material to poke the Stinger rig into the bait body
- BKK Spear-21 treble hooks for unparalleled penetration
- Top quality swivel to absorb torsional forces

Although of excellent quality, we recommend replacing the shallow screw of this Stinger Rig with a Shallow Screw V2 from our range. We will add a fitting size Screw and splitring to your order for free. 

It is also possible to add a set of weights, which makes adjusting the depth at which your softbait runs a piece of cake.