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Quik Release Pin

Quik Release Pin - Awesome innovation by Pikecraft. These Pins are made of Flexible Plastic and very durable. They are intended to keep stingers in place and may be anchored in the bait with a drop of superglue. When a fish bites, only the rig is released and the pin therefore remains in the bait.

Available in 3 versions.

Small: for stingers made of steel wire or, for example, 7-strand Titanium
Medium: To attach trailer hooks. Both single hooks and trebles
BIG: To hold Swivel Chain Stingers in place and to fix treble hooks with a thick hook shank

TIP: Also view the photos with this product to get an even better idea of ​​the applications of these Pins.


Sales unit: 4 per pack

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Quik Release Pin
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