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Seaguar Premium FC Leaders 45cm

Seaguar Premium FC Leaders 45cm - Top FluoroCarbon (FC) Leaders for pike fishing. Made in Japan with the best components, such as a ball bearing swivel and a double lock snap. Furthermore, the 'double sleeves' are neatly finished with a piece of shrink tubing and the loops are extra protected with transparent tubes.

Very suitable for trolling and casting for pike. 

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Seaguar Premium FC Leaders 45cm
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-Should you suffer from a 'rolling up' Leader. FC is easily stretched in the steam of boiling water.

-The snap on this leader is of very good quality. If you want to go a step higher in quality, we recommend replacing it with a stay lock snap.

-Check the leader for damages after each catch. Here, 'better safe than sorry' applies. If the damage is on one side of the leader, the leader could be shortened. A #1 double sleeve fits on Leader #40. On the #50 and #60 the #2 double sleeve from our range.

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