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SG Cork Screw Shad Spin Rig

SG (Savage Gear) Cork Screw Shad Spin Rig - With this simple system you can easily rig a shad for fishing in shallow water or over vegitation. You screw the Cork Screw Shad Spin Rig into the shad and attach the pins. This way the hooks hang freely, which increases the chance of hooking. The 'Spin Rig' gives your softbait an irresistible rolling action!

When the lure gets taken by a touthy fish,like Pike, the pins come loose from the shad, keeping the shad out of reach of sharp predatory teeth. This will make your shad last much longer. Choose from several sizes. The size in cm indicates for which size softbait the rig is suitable.

TIP: By clipping a Tungsten Fastach Sinker into the attachment eye of the Spin Rig, you can also make this Rig suitable for deeper water. You can also clip the Fastach weight to the swivel of your Leader. 

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SG Cork Screw Shad Spin Rig
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