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Pikecraft THE System UV-LEAD FREE SET | BIG Screw

THE System UV-Lead Free SET - This set is perfect for 'shallow' rigging of all kinds of soft baits. The Shallow Screw can easily be screwed into any soft bait. With the supplied Lead free weights you can fish deeper or shallower, depending on the situation. Because the attachment eye is facing upwards, your softbait always runs straight and stable through the water. Perfect to use in combination with the BB-Trigger-21 Shallow Stinger Rigs from BKK.

A set contains 2x BIG Shallow Screws, a Lead Clip and 4 lead-free weights (5, 10, 15 and 20 grams) available in two versions: Orange and Yellow.

Made in Germany

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Pikecraft THE System UV-LEAD FREE SET | BIG Screw
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