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Timber Tiger Hard Body Blanks

Timber Tiger Hard Bait Body Blanks - Great all round lure. Known for its steady action at different speeds. This silver version with a transparent lip is excellent for painting/ airbrushing, but they can also be fished right out of the box. The silver color perfectly imitates a natural prey! You only need to add some splitrings and Trebles. 

Available in the DC4, DC6, DC13 and DC16, where the numbers represent the maximum diving depth in feet (=30cm). In the table below you will find more information about these beautiful blanks.

Sales unit : per each

Update 10 Nov 2021 : Also available in a transparent (clear) version. Perfect for painting

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Timber Tiger Hard Body Blanks
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Recommended Treble Hooks / Split Rings:

2x #4 (DC6, DC13 and DC16) / Split ring #4
1x #2 belly 1x #4 tail (DC4) / Split ring #4

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