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Tungsten Ball Shot w. Hole

Tungsten Ball Shot w. Hole - Solid Tungsten Beads with central hole. Can be used to weighten your inline spinners, or, as an alternative to lead when making all kinds of hardbaits.

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Tungsten Ball Shot w. Hole
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Tungsten offers many advantages:

1. Because a Tungsten item is about 30% smaller in size than a lead with the same grammage, you experience less water pressure while fishing.

2. A Tungsten item has its weight more concentrated, so you can fish with lighter weights.

3. Tungsten is a rock-hard material; much harder than lead. This allows you to feel much better what is happening underwater, both in terms of bites and in terms of bottom structure.

4. Due to the concentrated weight, Tungsten can cast further and fish more precisely.


And in addition, Tungsten is absolutely not harmful to the environment. This in contrast to lead... 

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