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Making Jerkbaits & Crankbaits

  1. Jerkbaits en Pluggen gieten met Polyurethaan (PU)

    Blog over het gieten van Jerkbaits en pluggen met kunststof (Polyurethaan : PU)
  2. Manual DIY Package Sybe TD

    Start with sanding this jerkbait lightly, so that dust and airbubbles disappear. Spray the bait in the desired colors, attach the eyes on the lure. Screw the screw eyes into the predrilled holes. Attach the other hardware and your ready! Lure has been pre-leaded.

  3. DIY Package Spin Glide

    First drill the 6mm hole for the lead and drill three 1mm holes for the screw eyes.

  4. DIY Package Happy Tail

    Start by sanding this Mahogany wooden plug lightly, so that the particles and the bubbles disappear. Spray or paint the plug in the desired color (s).Glue the Lure lip into the corresponding slot. Stick the adhesive eyes on the plug. Then attach the screw eyes into the predrilled holes, possibly with a drop of glue. After that attach the Splitrings and hooks.