In previous Blogs we explained how work with our Plastisol (see link below related posts). There we used, the so called, open molds. You don't need an injector for those. You simply pour from the top into the mold. In this Blog we'll go into detail on how to work with our injectors in combination with 3-D molds like the Do-it essential series molds.

So we're talking about Injection Softbait Pouring... What do we need for a good start? 

  1. An injector. We sell several sizes, from 45ml to 175ml. 
  2. A (pyrex) cup to warm up the Plastisol. Make sure that it can resist heat up to at least 200°C / 392F.
  3. A 3-D Mold. Inside diameter of the opening should be 16mm, like our do-it essential Molds.
  4. Set of Mold Clamps to keep the mold together when pouring. 
  5. A set of Heat Resistant Gloves. The Injector get's very hot in the pouring proces...
  6. A Mask in case your area isn't ventilated properly.


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3-D Mold  Injector

On the Left Picture, the 3-D mold with on top the opening. With this mold you can make 4 Grubs (twisters) in one go. The right picture shows the dismantled injector. Easy to do for cleaning and/ or greasing.


Mold oil  

The first step is to add some mold oil to the mold. A small brush comes in handy here. Don't use to much oil. A few drops is enough. Make sure no excess oil remains in the cavities. Next step is to close the mold and secure it with two mold clamps (right picture)


 Temperature measuring  Injector

Now its time to heat up the Plastisol. The volume you need to warm up, depends on the max volume of your injector and the number of baits you'd like to make. Recommended temperature is about 180°C. A digital Thermometer like on the left picture is recommended here.

Now it's time to suck up the Plastisol (Picture right). Make sure to use heat resistant gloves, as the injector get's very hot.

Please NOTE, this injector doesn't have a locking pin. So be carefull when using it. Especially when opening the injector, the nozzle may accidentally come out with force when put under a lot of pressure. You may use a knife to get the nozzle off.


Top off the mold  End result

When you inject the plastisol in the mold, you don't need to push hard. After a few rounds, you'll know how much pressure is need to get optimum results. Very important is to top off the mold, like on the left picture. The Plastisol tends to shrink a bit when it cools down. So in order to get the best result topping off the mold is a must. By the way, don't mind if you make a mess. When it's cooled down any excess plastisol can be taken off easily from the mold, or even the table. The picture right shows the final result; 4 grubs to fish for perch, zander or pike.  



To make grubs two colored grubs, there's a simple trick. First you need to pour the grubs in the color you need the tail to be. Then you cut off the body of the grub. The body parts are no waste as you can remelt those again. Now carefully close the mold again and pour in the color you need the body to be...

Final result... The tails and the bodies are well melted together. Very happy with those.

Hope this Blog helped you. If you have any comments, please let me know at or in the comment section below!

Happy pouring:)